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Feinwerk Dryer Balls

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Feinwerk-Collection dryer balls are made of 100% New Zealand organic merino wool and turn your laundry fluffy and soft. The wool is certified and mulesing-free.


6 dryer balls size L made of 100% organic merino wool from New Zealand. Mulesing free!


Add 4-6 balls to the drum for each drying cycle and select your usual program. Due to their natural structure, the balls absorb moisture and heat and release the heat again.

Thus, the drying cycle can be shortened up to 40%. Due to their size, the balls also prevent the laundry from sticking together, crinkling and charged up.

The constant, soft tapping of the laundry gently loosens the fibers and makes them wonderfully soft.


We only use certified organic wool, which is mulesing free for our Feinwerk dryer balls.

Since the wool still comes from New Zealand, Feinwerk compensates the carbon footprint for each item.

100% natural - 100% effective

Save 30-40% drying time and enjoy your velvety laundry without a guilty conscience.