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Refill Set Opus No 20 Dish Wash

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A DISH Wash Opus is very productive due to the efficient recipe. 350 ml are enough, used for normal used about 1 - 1.5 months.

The environmentally friendly refill bottles hold 500 ml, so that you can enjoy the next quarter of a year relaxed about efficiency, fragrance and design in your kitchen.

The Refill Set Dish Wash is available for 45 EUR - of course free of charge within Germany.


<5 % non -fiery surfactants, 5–15 % anionic surfactants, amphoters surfactants. Contains: enzymes (amylase), fragrances, lime, Linalool, Citral.

With glycerin, lactic acid, panthenol and vitamin E

16.9 Fl oz/ 500 ml


Recommendation for 5 liters of water:
With slightly dirty dishes, 1–2 pump bumps (1–2 ml)
In the case of stronger to heavily dirty dishes, 2–4 pump bumps (2–4 ml)

Gently to the skin


Without preservatives and label -free.

Free from: Pegs, microplastics, phthalates, silicones

Sustainability is a matter of course for fine-tuning collection

Oral - nourishing balsamic

Top notes: Oolong tea, pomegranate, bergamot
Cardiac not: peony, magnolia
Base notes: Muschus, Heliotrop